Chirp’s Spring 2024 Milestones

3 min readJun 3, 2024


Chirp spring recap

As summer begins, let’s reflect on Chirp’s remarkable achievements over the past spring, a period marked by significant milestones and growth.

On March 15, 2024, Chirp successfully launched its testnet on the Sui Network. This pivotal step has enabled early adopters to explore and contribute to the network’s capabilities, setting the stage for more advanced features and scalability.

From the testnet launch date, we’ve continued upgrading and preparing our ecosystem for the mainnet and introduced several new tools and enhancements. The Crypto Explorer and Mining Board were launched and after improved for better network transparency, miner and rewards management. Several firmware updates for the BlackBird miner were released to enhance its performance, consequently increasing potential for generating more rewards. The user interface and backend infrastructure saw significant improvements, with a focus on user experience enhancements and security. Several IoT devices were successfully tested for their compatibility with the Chirp Ecosystem. Additionally, the token smart contract was refactored for future implementation of new Web3 products, and robust security measures were implemented to protect the network and its users.

Chirp actively participated in key events, including the Sui Base Camp at Paris Blockchain Week 2024, Token 2049, and the Web3 Corridor during Berlin Blockchain Week 2024. As a result of these events, strategic partnerships were formed with peaq, xmaquina, and the NEXA consortium, which includes, Vantage Towers, REWE Group’s Payment Tools, Lisk and other private businesses and governmental organizations.

We have expanded our global presence. The Blackbird miner was installed in several new locations, including Panama, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, and others. The number of active Blackbird miners increased to 349, and the number of IoT devices connected to Chirp reached almost 1,000, significantly expanding Chirp’s global footprint.

Chirp has been recognized as one of the top DePIN projects on DePin Hub and other ranking platforms. The project has received extensive coverage from top-notch Web3 and tech media outlets. Chirp’s CEO, Tim Kravchunovsky, has participated in over 10 online events, including an AMA in the peaq community, podcasts on Web3 hot topics, and streams, and has given many interviews with leading media organizations, sharing insights as an industry leader.

Community engagement and education have been a priority. We consistently updated the community via Medium and X social media, educating them about Chirp’s real-world applications and the DePIN industry. Several airdrop campaigns were conducted on Galxe and Common Wealth, along with a Blackbird miner photo contest with a chance to win our miner. The second limited batch of Blackbird miners sold out in less than 1 hour, and the airdrop of Embryo NFTs to 14,000 users with connected Sui wallets on the Chirp platform further boosted community engagement.

As Chirp continues to grow and innovate, the community’s involvement remains at the heart of its success. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and join us in this groundbreaking journey towards a decentralized, connected future.




Chirp is creating a unified wireless network for IoT and Mobile by harnessing the power of DePIN & blockchain technology.