Win a Miner in the Blackbird High-Spot Challenge!

4 min readMay 3, 2024

Chirp is excited to launch the Blackbird High-Spot Challenge, a thrilling contest for the Web3 community. As you know, Chirp operates a decentralized telecommunications network for IoT and Mobile. Users own and operate antennas known as Blackbirds that provide signal to Chirp’s outdoor network and, in return, receive CHIRP tokens.

These antennas can transmit signals as far as the line of sight — in fact, the world record is 1,300 KM. However, in practical scenarios, this signal strength is diminished by obstacles, which is why elevating your Blackbirds can lead to higher rewards. With only a limited number of Blackbirds sold so far, we are thrilled to offer another opportunity to own a Blackbird miner.

Introducing our High-Spot Challenge! This competition gives the crypto community a chance to win a Chirp Miner and be among the first to mine on the Chirp Network. We are looking for high views from elevated locations worldwide. Do you, or any of your friends and family, live on a hill with a stunning city view, or have an office or apartment on the upper floors? Submit a photo of the view from the installation site for a chance to win a free miner or secure a share of $1,000 in CHIRP tokens. Provide us with quality signal, and we’ll ship you a free miner! Here are the details:

Contest Duration:

May 3, 2024 — June 3, 2024

UPD: The contest has been extended until June 17, 2024

To Enter the Contest:

Contest entry details:

  1. Follow one of Chirp Socials (e.g. Chirp X)

2. Submit a tweet with two photos: one of the installation site and one showing the view from the installation site

3. Ensure your tweet tags @ChirpDeWi and includes the hashtag #BlackbirdHighSpotChallenge

Contest Criteria and Selection Process

  • Judging Criteria: Winners will be chosen based on the altitude of the installation location, the clarity and scope of the line of sight* from the installation spot.
  • Selection Process: The Chirp team will select the best 10 entries, and from these, the top 3 winners will be chosen to receive a Blackbird miner. Positions 4 to 10 will be decided through community voting in Chirp’s Telegram group and will be rewarded in CHIRP tokens.

*Line of sight

Commonly used in telecommunications and networking to explain the signal path between two devices. Obstructions like buildings or trees could interrupt a line of sight and impact signal transmission.

Examples of Strong vs. Weak Entries

Strong entries:

Elevated location or spot and clear line of sight

Weak entries:

Installation spot where Blackbird’s radio signal may be blocked by nearby high buildings or trees.

Example of the entries


  • 1st to 3rd Place: Winners will receive a Blackbird miner.
  • 4th to 10th Place: These winners will share a prize pool of $1000 in CHIRP tokens, distributed on a sliding scale:
  • 4th Place: $350
  • 5th Place: $250
  • 6th Place: $150
  • 7th Place: $100
  • 8th to 10th Place: $50 each

Key Rules and Information

  • Selected winners must prove they can install the Blackbird miner at the showcased location.
  • We hold private communications with each winner to verify the installation capability.
  • Winners receive an NFT that can be burned to redeem and receive a shipment of the Blackbird Miner.
  • Communication with winners is kept strictly confidential to ensure privacy and data protection.
  • Miner will work only at the winning site and can not be installed anywhere else.
  • Winners must install the Blackbird miner at the photographed location and share a post of the installation before the gateway is approved and converted into a miner.




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