How to Get a Blackbird Miner via Skyward Soarer NFT

5 min readMay 18, 2024


Blackbird miner and Skyward Soarer NFT

The Chirp Blackbird miner sale will be held on Tuesday, May 21.

Remember, the total supply of Skyward Soarer NFTs is highly limited, so you will have very little time once the sale opens. We recommend reading each step of this guide carefully to ensure the acquisition process is fast, secure, and smooth.

Our primary objective is not to maximize the number of Blackbird miners sold but to connect with future Blackbird owners who genuinely value our product. Consequently, the number of miners available for acquisition is limited. The exact marketplace where the Skyward Soarer NFT can be purchased will be announced on the day of the event.

In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to become a Blackbird miner owner by acquiring the Skyward Soarer NFT. Please read each step carefully before starting any actions. It comprises three sections, each of which will be shared with you gradually:

  1. Preparation Stage
  2. Skyward Soarer NFT Acquisition Stage
  3. Skyward Soarer NFT Burn and Blackbird Miner Order Stage

Good luck with the upcoming sale!

Stage 1: Sui wallet, Mainnet Network and Security measures

Before we start, please pay attention to this very important preparation stage of the process.

Sui wallet:

For the best experience, we highly recommend using the Suiet wallet


Sui wallet that was created via a seed phrase method for any NFT operations on the Chirp platform.

Sui wallet creation

Important: If you already use Sui wallet created via Google account or Twitch option, you will not be able to Redeem the Skyward Soarer NFT and consequently order a Blackbird miner via Chirp Redeem NFT section.

Mainnet network:

Don’t forget to switch to mainnet before starting any operations with the Skyward Soarer NFT on the Chirp platform.

Network settings in Suiet wallet
Network settings in Sui wallet

Important: The Skyward Soarer NFT is priced at $890 in $SUI. Given the very limited supply of this NFT, please ensure you check your $SUI balance in advance.

Safety measures:

For your security, we highly recommend accessing the Skyward Soarer NFT collection on the Tradeport marketplace only through official links.

These links can be found:

Important: If you visit the marketplace directly, you can verify the Skyward Soarer collection by the “Verified Collection” mark and by the linked official Chirp social media accounts.

Verified collection mark

Skyward Soarer NFT collection on Sui explorers:

Stage 2: Skyward Soarer NFT Acquisition Process on

Step 1:

Go to the Skyward Soarer NFT collection on, connect your Sui wallet and approve the necessary actions within it.

Connect Sui wallet on

Step 2:

Navigate to the items section, where you will see the full list of Skyward Soarer NFTs available for acquisition. Click “Buy” and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Skyward Soarer NFT purchase on

Important: If you get a “Gas estimation failed” error in your Sui wallet, please change the network to Mainnet in the Sui wallet settings (check the instructions on how to switch to mainnet above).

Step 3:

Go to your wallet; you will find the Skyward Soarer NFT in the “Assets” section.

Skyward Soarer NFT in Suiet and Sui wallets


You have successfully acquired the Skyward Soarer NFT. Proceed to the next section related to the burning and Blackbird miner redeem process on

Skyward Soarer Burn, Redeem, and Blackbird Miner Order Process on Chirp Platform

Let’s us remind you once again that you will be able to successfully complete this process if only you use Suiet wallet or Sui wallet that was created via classic method with the seed phrase (please check the information in the beginning of this guide)

Step 1:

Go to and sign-in or sign-up (in case you don’t have an account on Chirp).

Sign in/sign up on Chirp platform

Step 2:

Connect the Sui wallet where you have the Skyward Soarer NFT and approve all the actions in your wallet as well as on the Chirp Platform.

Sui wallet connection on Chirp Platform

Step 3: Go to Redeem NFT section and click on “Redeem NFT”.

Redeem NFT section on Chirp Platform

Step 4: Burn your Skyward Soarer NFT and approve all the actions in your wallet. Once you have burned your NFTs, the order will become available after the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain and the Chirp platform validates the transaction.

Important: The Skyward Soarer NFT gives its owners not only a Blackbird Miner, but also a Skyward NFT that will be sent after the Skyward Soarer NFT is burned. The Skyward NFT provides a boost to $CHIRP airdrops within the BIG Airdrop campaign.

Skyward Soarer NFT burn process on Chirp Platform

Step 5:

When the process is complete, you are ready to order your Blackbird miner. Just click on “Order a delivery.”

Order a Blackbird Miner on Chirp Platform

Step 6:

Please fill in all the information very carefully and double-check everything before proceeding further. When ready, mark the checkbox to agree with the Privacy Policy and then click on “Proceed.”

Blackbird miner order form on Chirp Platform


The redeem and order process is complete. The shipment process starts immediately after the mainnet launch (July-August, 2024), and you will receive your Blackbird miners shortly thereafter.

You can track your delivery information at




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