How Chirp Will Drive IoT Adoption

3 min readFeb 13, 2023


The world is more interconnected than any other time in history. However, even though IoT technology is established, it lacks awareness and its adoption is reliant on scattered solutions and providers.

Chirp DePIN is building out ubiquitous IoT connectivity across a decentralized infrastructure. We’ve designed a model that will scale our network with the support of Network Keepers, in which the $CHIRP token plays a central role.

To drive adoption of the Chirp network, and the IoT sector as a whole, we will focus on businesses, retail customers, and key sectors of the global economy.

How Chirp will drive IoT adoption

Inventory Management

We expect to see a large part of the adoption in this vertical coming from transportation companies tracking their fleets (fleet management), both for safety and for better route planning.

Transportation and shipping companies (and insurers) will benefit from Chirp’s network. All relevant parties will be able to track containers, vehicles, and packages.

The impact is three-fold: 1) having real-time information about future claims (as an example, it helps all parties understand exactly which containers were lost at sea); 2) feeding this information to insurance actuarial services (which helps justify changes to insurance costs); 3) notifying supply chains of need for replenishment without the need to wait for the ship to arrive to its destination.

Most importantly, we expect to see retail accelerate adoption as users track their most valuable assets, including cars and electric bicycles, particularly in cities where incidence of auto and bicycle theft is high.

Chirp’s network will streamline asset tracking and security, as users will purchase IoT trackers and connect them to the network by following a simple and intuitive setup.


Farmers, even in remote areas, can use Chirp’s IoT network to track relevant data through sensors and remotely control their devices. As an example, by utilizing Chirp’s dashboard, farmers can gauge the volumetric content of water in the soil by using moisture sensors and remotely trigger irrigation when those sensors are showing the soil needs more water. This solution is far superior to traditional systems that require power sources, GPS trackers and internet connectivity — even rural areas that experience power outages will remain covered by Chirp.

Conservation Of Forest And Wildlife

Forest fires pose a major threat to wildlife, the environment, and people’s lives. Chirp network offers a low cost option to connect tracking devices, temperature, video cameras and other sensors that can play a role in preventing and alerting for such threats, particularly in remote areas.

Smart Cities

City halls can collect and analyze data to better inform their policies and decision-making regarding infrastructure, public utilities and services. Government agencies can improve waste management and save costs by tracking the capacity of waste bins, while improving their route planning. Secondly, city connectivity can also be improved by connecting bus fleets, which enables real-time location information to better inform residents about transportation waiting times. Thirdly, bike sharing programs can benefit from inventory tracking without the need of power hungry devices (such as GPS trackers). Chirp is the solution for faster data rates.


Chirp welcomes partnerships with other decentralized projects that can benefit from using Chirp network, regardless of the blockchain they are built on. An example is Hivemapper (mapping services), who require location tracking from a third-party to complement their value proposition.

Platform Strategy

Our all-in-one platform will facilitate the execution of our strategy to grow global adoption across different segments. Third parties can build on top of the platform, extend its capabilities and grow utility for the network according to their own expertise.

Unleashing The Power Of Actionable Data

The opportunities emerging from IoT are immense: a universe which we are only starting to scratch the surface of. What is lacking, at the moment, is interoperability among different networks and wider adoption.

Chirp is set to be this network, for its technical characteristics, modularity and broadness of scope and its roadmap.




Chirp is creating a unified wireless network for IoT and Mobile by harnessing the power of DePIN & blockchain technology.