End of Year Letter from Chirp CEO Timothy Kravchunovsky

5 min readDec 30, 2022


The conditions are set.

As we bid adieu to 2022, we look back at everything we accomplished this past year with pride and gratitude. Without even officially launching our product, Chirp built an entire telecommunications backbone from scratch, generated massive interest in our Blackbird miners, and assembled one of the strongest teams in Web3 to-date. We designed a gorgeous IoT dashboard, installed a “Master Gateway” tower in Germany already providing IoT coverage over hundreds of kilometers, and created a first-of-its-kind dual-band LoRa gateway. We did so by staying nimble, unlike so many bloated Silicon Valley conglomerates, and working tirelessly — without straying from our vision of ubiquitous connectivity provided across a decentralized network.

Despite intense market turbulence that ravaged the entire industry, Chirp grew stronger. We stuck to our roadmap, never made excuses, and set the conditions for adoption. We enter 2023 from a position of strength, ready to deploy our miners across the world and become the leading name in IoT. But before we do so, let’s highlight why 2022 was such a monumental year for Chirp.

We Assembled an All-Star Team

We assembled one of the sector’s strongest teams of engineers, economists, and telecommunications veterans. As one of the largest pre-seed teams currently building in blockchain today, Chirp’s average hire contains over 20 years experience in telecommunications, hailing from tech giants which include Oracle, Huawei, and Deutsche Telekom. We have 3 Google Scholars and 5 PhD recipients, along with members who have led projects for global institutions like the World Bank, BBC, and Rolls Royce.

Our team members have seen it all, and are actively building Chirp’s decentralized network. Without them, none of Chirp’s innovation would be possible.

We Perfected Our Tokenomics

Rather than hastily rush a cryptocurrency to market, we studied what was working in the space… and more importantly, what wasn’t. Cryptocurrency tokens took off, only to have their valuations plummet at the first sign of volatility.

Chirp’s economists and engineers designed an incentive structure for $Chirp that combines deflationary tokenomics with halving (like Bitcoin) and various burn mechanisms. Just like our team carefully weighed all programming languages before committing to Rust as our anchor, we assessed the pros and cons of all possible ways to reward Chirp’s users and power our decentralized network.

We will announce more details on the sale of our Blackbird miner, and how users can earn rewards for providing IoT coverage .

We Built the Industry’s First Dual-Band LoRa Network

After more than a year of development, Chirp finished the telecommunications backbone for the world’s most advanced multi-protocol IoT network, the first to include dual-band LoRa. Before launching, we wanted to ensure we had a product that innovated IoT across multiple touchstones — in addition to blockchain, we utilized the spectrum band of 2.4 Ghz. Ahead of taking our market to product, we created a Blackbird miner that can connect devices regardless of regional specifications, and includes support for class-C devices.

Not only will Chirp’s network users benefit from receiving data about their devices, but they will also be able to control them remotely. The issue of regional specifications is one that has plagued not only blockchain startups specializing in IoT, but the broader tech sector as well; devices unique to particular countries are often not able to connect in other parts of the world. Rather than resigning our fate to workarounds which further entrench the problem, Chirp innovated by offering multi protocol capabilities, creating a fully-integrated solution that can connect an even greater number of devices.

In a further testament to our commitment to excellence, we also equipped Blackbirds with LTE and satellite backhauls, making the miners easy to install in remote regions and ensuring that they will always stay online and provide constant coverage and service level agreements to our clients..

We Installed Our First ‘Master Gateway’ Tower in Germany

Chirp installed the first “Blackbird Master Gateway” in Höxter, Germany that is currently providing coverage across hundreds of square kilometers. It will be the first of many towers providing ubiquitous IoT coverage across Europe and the rest of the world.

We Designed and Built a Seamless and Easy-to-Use Dashboard

For adoption, new technology must be easy to use. Our team designed a beautiful dashboard interface that flows seamlessly and is intuitive for everyone.

Allusers’ connected devices register on the dashboard, and can be controlled remotely; a farmer, for instance, can shut off a farm’s sprinkler system by simply pressing a button. Are you on vacation and want to remotely open the door to your house so your neighbor can water your plants? You can do it even if there is no power in your home. Mobile app development is also moving along and should be completed early next year, making us the first long range IoTnetwork that can be controlled on the go from the palm of your hand.

Generated Community Interest Into a Committed Waitlist

Without spending a dime on advertising, Chirp generated significant interest in its Blackbird miners. Our waitlist for devices alone indicates that our initial deployment of devices will immediately power thousands of devices in key markets.

A Final Thank You

Looking back, 2022 was a difficult year for the industry. But saying that Chirp has achieved a lot is an understatement. As we head into 2023, I would like to thank all our team members who worked rigorously and with integrity to design the best decentralized network for IoT, telecommunications, and broadband. As the emerging blockchain sector purges out bad actors, we weather the storm by innovating, adhering transparently to our roadmap, and deploying a network with the intention of changing people’s lives for the better.


Tim Kravchunovsky

Chirp CEO Tim Kravchunovsky




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