Egg NFT: Your Golden Ticket to Big Chirp Airdrop Campaign Rewards

2 min readJun 21, 2024


Chirp Egg NFT

Today, we shine the spotlight on the Egg NFT, a crucial element of the Chirp NFT collection, and for good reason.

Being the third NFT in the Chirp collection, this Egg NFT has a critical utility. The core function of the Egg NFT is to grant its holders access to the BIG Chirp Airdrop Campaign rewards. Without this NFT in your Sui wallet, you won’t be eligible for CHIRP token airdrops.

In addition to its main utility, the Egg NFT also activates boosts for Embryo and Skyward NFTs, enhancing your airdrop benefits. Since the Egg NFT is transferable, you will be able trade it with others who may have missed out. The combination of Egg and Embryo NFTs could become highly sought after in Sui marketplaces due to their amplified $CHIRP airdrop potential.

Participation Incentives

To encourage participation, we will launch the “Chirp Tracker App” campaign, the first stage of our BIG Chirp Airdrop campaign.

How to Acquire the Egg NFT

Getting the Egg NFT is simple and involves these three steps:

  1. Download the Chirp Tracker App from Google Play or App Store
  2. Connect your smartphone to the Chirp Network
  3. Link Sui wallet to your Chirp account

Once you complete these steps, the Egg NFT and potential subsequent $CHIRP airdrops are yours.

Limited Time to Secure Your Egg NFT

The window to obtain the Egg NFT is limited by the duration of the BIG Chirp Airdrop Campaign. Make sure to complete the necessary steps by August 27, 2024.

Secure your Egg NFT, participate in the BIG Chirp Airdrop Campaign, and boost your Chirp experience. Act now to be part of this exciting journey and watch your rewards hatch into something extraordinary




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