Dev Diary #7: Discover the New Features and Enhancements at Chirp

2 min readMay 13, 2024


Development diary. Edition 7

Dear Chirp community,

In Dev Diary #7, we will tell you about the latest updates to Chirp’s platform, including redesigned user interfaces, integration of new wallet features, and enhancements to device management. We’ll also detail the significant bug fixes implemented to improve platform stability and security, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

User interface and functionality improvements:

  1. Redesigned NFT Redeem Page — Simplifies how users interact with NFTs, making the process more intuitive.
  2. New Orders Page — Allows users to easily track and manage their orders within Chirp’s ecosystem.
  3. Sui Wallet Widget Integration — Users can now link their reward wallets directly to the Chirp dashboard for streamlined transactions and security.
  4. Wallet Verification — Enhances security by allowing users to verify their Sui wallets through the new widget.
  5. Non-LoRa Devices Page — New tracking features with checkpoints on a map for easier device management, expanding usability beyond LoRa devices.
  6. Revised Billing Section — Key elements have been repositioned and the UI has been cleaned up for better navigation.
  7. Sensor Widgets Improvement — Leak and Door Open Sensor Widgets have been upgraded for better performance.
  8. Firmware Release 1.0.215:
  • Gateway UI now includes a LED control switch and a firmware update feature directly accessible through the settings page.
  • Network Connection Enhancements — Improved connection stability to Chirp servers, aiming for better gateway uptime.

Bug Fixes and UI Enhancements

  1. Mining Board Payment Display — Resolved an issue where payments for unfinished epochs were incorrectly displayed, ensuring more accurate rewards tracking for users.
  2. Device Table Sorting — Fixed a bug that affected sorting by status in the device table, improving the manageability and organization of device information.
  3. Password Requirement Checks — Enhanced front-end validation for password requirements, increasing security during user registration and sign-in.
  4. Wallet Connection Warning — Introduced a warning popup for wallet connections on the Mobile Gateways page, enhancing security and user awareness.
  5. Sign-In Page Accessibility — Addressed an issue where sign-up and sign-in pages were not found under certain user conditions, ensuring consistent access to the platform.
  6. Custom Date Range for Devices — Fixed a bug affecting the display and selection of custom date ranges, improving data filtering capabilities for users.
  7. Full-Screen Map Display Issue — Resolved display issues on the full-screen map, enhancing the navigation and tracking experience.
  8. Battery Widget Data Display — Corrected a problem where the battery widget displayed data for batteries at 0%, ensuring accurate monitoring.
  9. Crypto Explorer Alignment — Adjusted the alignment of the epoch change timer in the Crypto Explorer, improving interface consistency

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