Chirps Development Diary: Edition #4 — Largest Release to Date!

3 min readDec 21, 2023
Chirp Development Diary

Hello Chirp Community!

We’re thrilled to announce our largest update yet, packed with new features, support for more devices and even 3d party Gateways, and a host of bug fixes. Let’s dive into what’s new and improved in Chirps hardware and a newly released beta version of the Dashboard!

Enhanced Device Interaction

  • Favorites Feature: You can now add shared devices to your favorites for quick access.
  • Redesigned Gateway Registration: The gateway registration flow has been revamped for a more intuitive experience.
  • Device Page Map Icons: We’ve introduced new icons to represent different scenarios:
    Devices with their own coordinates.
    Devices with a location/sub-location.
    Devices with a location history.
  • Device Coordinates: Moved latitude and longitude details from widgets to other metrics for clarity.
  • Battery Percentage: Now visible in the device list for easy monitoring.
  • QR Code Scanning: For devices that come with a QR code, simplify device on boarding with QR code scanning for DevEUI.

Gateway Enhancements

  • Gateway Support Expansion: “Add gateway” flow now supports 3rd Party gateways.
  • Accessibility Improvements: Increased font sizes for better readability.

Cellular GPS Devices

  • Full Support on Chirp Platform: Over 1500 Cellular devices are now fully integrated, including display on maps and detailed device pages.
  • Enhanced Device Settings: Manage cellular device settings, including name, model, and unique ID.
  • Sharing Capability: Cellular devices can now be shared with others.

3rd Party Gateways

  • Registration and Management: If you just need to automate you can now register and manage any 3rd Party gateway that supports Basics Station.
  • Detailed Overview and Settings: Access comprehensive overview and settings pages for these gateways.

Chirp Miner Updates

  • Firmware Improvements: New firmware release with enhanced stability and features.
  • DNS and Connectivity Fixes: Resolved issues with DNS and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Frontend Updates: New frontend supporting regions configuration.
  • Firmware Update Process: More reliable update scheduling to ensure smooth operation.

Bug Fixes

  • Device Log Tags: Resolved scaling issues.
  • Measurement Discrepancies: Fixed inconsistencies in events and widgets.
  • Device Coordinates: Removed erroneous 0.0 coordinates in certain scenarios.
  • Scrolling and Display Issues: Multiple fixes for smoother user experience across devices and pages.
  • Gateway Configuration: Ensured new configs are received after resets or reflashes.
  • UI Enhancements: Improved aesthetics and consistency across the platform.

Dragino Door Sensor Specific Fixes

  • Battery Data Visibility: Battery data now correctly displayed on the overview page.
  • Log Improvements: Added horizontal scrolling for better log visibility.
  • Event and Widget Enhancements: Refined display and functionality for door sensor events and widgets.
  • Expanded analytics capabilities: Chirp significantly expands the analytics capabilities of a simple device like a door sensor, which traditionally only reports basic information such as whether the door is open or closed. Chirp enhances this functionality by providing more valuable data, such as the number of times the door was opened within a specified period and the duration of each open or closed status. This advanced analysis offers a deeper insight into device usage patterns.

User Board

  • Favorites Functionality: Fixed the “Show all” button in Favorite devices for better usability.




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