Chirp x Farmsent: A Partnership to Transform Agriculture

2 min readJun 6, 2024


Chirp x Farmsent

Chirp is proud to announce a partnership with Farmsent, an innovative AgriPIN project bringing the most advanced blockchain technology to the agricultural sector. This collaboration aims to enhance how farmers produce agricultural food and make the entire food supply chain more secure, transparent, and efficient.

Farmsent leverages blockchain technology to streamline the food supply chain by reducing intermediaries and ensuring food traceability and transparency. Its flagship product, DePPs, creates a decentralized ledger that records the journey of agricultural products, providing a tamper-proof record from farm to table. Currently, Farmsent is conducting beta testing in three countries, has signed up over 160,000 farmers, and has successfully shipped 20 tons of avocados from Colombia to the USA using DePPs.

Enhancing Farmsent with Chirp Connectivity

With Chirp’s connectivity and IoT data management ecosystem, Farmsent users can achieve real-time data collection from a vast array of agricultural devices and sensors, ensuring comprehensive traceability in the food supply chain. Chirp’s DePIN infrastructure provides connectivity for any smart sensors used by farmers, and the Chirp SaaS IoT platform allows them to monitor agricultural processes in real-time, from soil moisture levels to crop health, ensuring that all data is securely recorded on the blockchain.

Furthermore, Chirp’s connectivity solutions can power the shipment process, ensuring that food is delivered in optimal conditions. By utilizing smart sensors connected through Chirp’s satellite network, real-time data on temperature, humidity, and other critical factors can be monitored during transit. This capability ensures that products like the avocados shipped from Colombia to the USA maintain their quality throughout the journey, reducing spoilage and enhancing consumer trust.

Chirp’s integration not only facilitates the secure transfer of data but also supports the optional on-chain storage and visualization of IoT data, enhancing the reliability and accuracy of Farmsent’s traceability solutions. By reducing the number of intermediaries and providing real-time insights, this partnership aims to optimize the supply chain, lower costs, and improve food safety standards.

Charting a New Course for Global Agriculture

The partnership between Chirp and Farmsent marks a significant advancement in the application of technology to agriculture. It enables small farmers to participate in global markets more effectively by providing detailed, trustworthy information about their products. Together, Chirp and Farmsent are paving the way for a more connected and equitable global food supply chain, benefiting farmers and consumers alike.




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