Chirp Soars in 2023: Revolutionizing IoT with DePIN and Setting the Stage for an Explosive 2024

3 min readDec 31, 2023
Chirps Ambassadors and Blackbirds

To the dedicated Chirps Community,

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of Chirp through 2023, it’s evident that despite the challenging bear market, our project has not only sustained but thrived, a testament to the unwavering faith and support you have shown us. Here are some key milestones reached in 2023, as we prepare to launch Chirp DePIN in 2024:

We started the year on a high note by forging a significant partnership with Mysten Labs. Their belief in Chirp’s vision and their role as one of our vital investors have been instrumental in propelling our project to new heights. This collaboration aligns with our goal to revolutionize the web3 space by connecting an unprecedented number of devices to the blockchain, leveraging the capabilities of the Sui blockchain to make our ambitious dreams a reality.

Another milestone was our alliance with RAK Wireless, culminating in the development of our bespoke gateway. This gateway, functioning across multiple frequencies, is a game-changer in the industry, ensuring seamless connectivity across various device technologies and setting a new standard with its industrial-grade connectivity.

The response to our first gateway sale was extraordinary. Selling out within hours, even amidst a bear market, was a clear indication of the demand and trust in our product. This rapid deployment, now operational in 25 countries and 155 cities, underscores the efficiency and scalability of our model in contrast to traditional web2 expansions.

The establishment of our Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) has extended Chirp’s reach globally. Our Global SIM cards, ensuring uninterrupted service even during internet downtimes, have become a cornerstone of our network’s reliability.

Our ambassador program has seen an overwhelming response. The Chirp community has grown phenomenally, showcasing a 1000% increase, a clear indicator of our expanding influence and reach. Over 300 people from more than 50 countries have applied to Chirp’s ambassador program, reflecting the global appeal and enthusiasm for our project.

In our quest to make IoT accessible to all, we have refined our SaaS IoT platform. The upcoming launch of our fleet management platform is another step towards empowering users with user-friendly and efficient tools.

Security remains a paramount concern in the rapidly expanding IoT landscape. Chirp is at the forefront of this challenge, with our dark gateways meeting the stringent security requirements of sensitive sectors. Our recent security penetration test, where we achieved a remarkable 98% score, is a testament to our commitment to providing a secure and reliable network.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the upcoming Testnet on SUI in Q1, which marks the next phase of our journey. As we continue to expand our device support, now encompassing over 1,500 new devices, Chirp is well on its way to becoming the most versatile IoT network in the industry.

In closing, 2023 was a challenging year for the crypto industry, but for Chirp, it was a year of significant growth and achievement. As we move forward, we are poised for even greater success in 2024, thanks to your unwavering support and belief in our vision. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, expansion, and continued partnership with our incredible community.

With gratitude, The Chirp Team




Chirp is creating a unified wireless network for IoT and Mobile by harnessing the power of DePIN & blockchain technology.