Chirp: Revolutionizing IoT Connectivity with Global Deployment and 2.4GHz Advantages

3 min readSep 4, 2023


Imagine a world where the limitations of IoT deployments are lifted, where connectivity knows no boundaries and devices seamlessly integrate across technologies and regions. This is the vision that Chirp, the pioneer of the world’s first multi-protocol public IoT network, is bringing to life.

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from Chirp: our gateways, which form the foundational bricks of our network, have been successfully shipped to 33 countries! This remarkable achievement underscores the power of decentralized physical infrastructures, known as DePIN, in enabling rapid deployment and rollout and giving the people a share of a trillion-dollar telecommunications market.

At Chirp, we have harnessed the collective strength of our community and implemented stringent installation guidelines to provide our clients with a carrier-grade network. As the world’s first multi-protocol public IoT network supporting various technologies, including the groundbreaking 2.4GHz LoRa, Chirp is spearheading the evolution of IoT connectivity. In this article, we will explore the advantages of 2.4GHz LoRa and how it erases boundaries, revolutionizing the global IoT landscape.

Unleashing the Power of Chirp’s Multi-Protocol IoT Network: Chirp’s commitment to innovation has driven the development of a multi-protocol IoT network, setting us apart as pioneers in the industry. With support for LoRaWAN sub-GHz, 2.4GHz LoRa, cellular technologies 2G-5G, NB-IOT, LTE-M (to be released later this year), and close-range protocols, Chirp provides a comprehensive solution that caters to diverse IoT use cases. This versatility ensures interoperability and flexibility, empowering our clients to seamlessly integrate devices from various manufacturers and leverage the full potential of IoT technology.

The Advantages of Chirp’s 2.4GHz LoRa Network:

One of the most significant breakthroughs within Chirp’s implementation is the world’s first public 2.4GHz LoRa network. This achievement offers numerous advantages that revolutionize IoT connectivity:

  1. Boundary Erasure and Global Availability: The 2.4GHz frequency band utilized by Chirp’s LoRa network is a globally available Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band. This tackles the problem of using multiple radios operating at different frequency bands, paving the way for IoT devices that can operate anywhere in the world. By leveraging the 2.4GHz ISM band, Chirp empowers IoT devices to transcend geographical boundaries and operate seamlessly in any country or region.
  2. Higher Data Rates: Chirp’s 2.4GHz LoRa network boasts significantly higher data rates compared to traditional sub-GHz LoRa networks. At 2.4GHz, the highest achievable data rate for LoRa reaches 253.91 kbit/s, which is almost seven times higher than the maximum data rate attainable at 868MHz. This boost in data rates enables faster and more efficient transmission of information, empowering IoT applications that require real-time communication and bandwidth-intensive operations.
  3. Enhanced Efficiency and Battery Life: Operating within the 2.4GHz frequency band, Chirp’s LoRa network optimizes efficiency in IoT deployments. Devices operating in this band can achieve extended battery life, conserving power and reducing the need for frequent replacements. This efficiency translates into cost savings and improved device reliability, making Chirp an ideal choice for remote or long-term IoT implementations.
  4. Global Standardization: The 2.4GHz frequency band is globally standardized, ensuring compatibility across different regions. Chirp’s adoption of this universally accepted standard enables seamless integration of devices from various manufacturers, promoting a unified IoT ecosystem.

Chirp’s successful deployment of test network gateways to 33 countries showcases our commitment to revolutionizing IoT connectivity. With our decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) and stringent installation guidelines, we have achieved an unprecedented level of speed and cost efficiency in network rollout. As the first multi-protocol IoT network supporting technologies such as 2.4GHz LoRa, Chirp is leading the way in providing carrier-grade connectivity to clients worldwide. The advantages of Chirp’s 2.4GHz LoRa network, including boundary erasure, higher data rates, enhanced efficiency, and global standardization, position us at the forefront of the IoT revolution. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of IoT connectivity, empowering businesses and industries to thrive in the era of seamless connectivity.




Chirp is creating a unified wireless network for IoT and Mobile by harnessing the power of DePIN & blockchain technology.