Chirp DePIN Network Dev Diary: Edition #2 — Accelerating the Future

3 min readOct 19, 2023

Hello, Chirp community!

It feels like just yesterday we shared our first development diary with you. We’re delighted to be back with another month of exciting updates and developments, aimed at making our network even more seamless, innovative, and user-friendly.

Team Development: Doubling the Speed!

In our continuous bid to deliver value at a faster pace, we’ve halved our sprints! This means every 2 weeks, we’re bringing to you fresh updates and new features. So, buckle up and stay tuned to witness innovation at its peak.

Chirps Ambassador Program: Bridging Communities This month marked the launch of our Chirps Ambassador program. We’ve set up a dedicated page where you can learn more about this exciting initiative and possibly even join the ranks. Discover more at

Gateway: Stability, Security, and Performance

  • New Firmware Alert! Version 1.116 is here and it’s all about providing a more robust user experience. Say goodbye to stability issues and gateways going offline.
  • Introducing the “Watchdog” feature: Ensuring maximum uptime and rewards for our keepers, this feature will detect that gateway is offline and it will automatically attempt to recover, reboot it will actively try alternative connectivity options through wifi or cellular (once cellular is activated closer to the main net launch).
  • Safety First: We’ve fortified our gateway with multiple security enhancements.
  • Ease of Use: Clients who aren’t keen on mining can simply power up the gateway. It’ll instantaneously provide coverage to the Chirps network, allowing them to start automating their operations immediately. Our plug-and-play approach is a significant stride toward propelling IoT forward.
  • Performance Boost: We’ve overhauled gateway services for optimum performance. Plus, with traffic consumption now reduced to approximately 6 GB monthly, expect a more cost-effective mobile connectivity for your gateway.

New Device View: A Comprehensive IoT Platform View

The new design is not just aesthetic! We’re introducing new widgets and functionalities that give you a richer, more granular view of data from your IoT devices. Key highlights:

New Device visualization
  • New Widgets:

Text Widget

Text Widget

Group Widget of returned parameters that can not be drawn on the graph

Group Widget

Devices: Simplified and Efficient

  • Hassle-free experience: Adding a new device has never been this easy, thanks to our standardized device config format Just select the manufacturer and add 2 numbers that came with the device DevEui (Device Identifier) and AppKey (a password that encrypts data transfer and decrypts it when it gets to your account) so information from the devices can not be intercepted and viewed.
  • Enhanced Device Log: Sort it, filter it, and get the exact information you need without any fuss.

Bug Busters: Making Your Experience Smoother

  • Expiring token issue? Consider it gone.
  • We’ve recalibrated and fixed coverage calculation discrepancies.
  • Gateway start-up glitches? A thing of the past now.
  • Coverage calculation anomalies from Blackbirds have also been addressed and fixed.

Wrapping up, this month has been exhilarating. With our renewed focus on accelerating updates and ensuring user satisfaction, the future looks brighter than ever. Until next month’s diary, keep chirping!

Warm regards, The Chirp Development Team.




Chirp is creating a unified wireless network for IoT and Mobile by harnessing the power of DePIN & blockchain technology.